Protection Solutions

Simple • Intuitive • Digital

Protecting your driver and passenger on all trips.

Protection Solutions

Simple • Intuitive • Digital

Protecting your driver and passenger on all trips.

Protection Solutions

Simple • Intuitive • Digital

Protecting your driver and passenger on all trips.

Protection Solutions

Simple • Intuitive • Digital

Protecting your driver and passenger on all trips.

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Protection solutions  that make sense to customers and drivers of your Mobility platform.

We are the 1st Digital Insurer specialized in Mobility Platforms, with real-time protection solutions, generating peace of mind and savings for your operation.

Focus on your customer

We have the protection solutions that your drivers and passengers need on all trips, providing more security and peace of mind to your business.

Source of Growth

We work with you creating scalable and digital protection solutions, where you only pay for what you use, and that add value to your customer, generating engagement, loyalty and growth for your platform.

Our Solutions

Digital Life

Life, Health & Well-being

Financial Protection

The Best Customer Experience

88i Digital Insurer’s Protection Ecosystems were developed with the Customer at the Center of Everything.

Our language is simple, intuitive and direct, making it possible to provide innovative protection solutions integrated to your value proposition.

All New

No legacy systems. All designed with state-of-the-art technology. 100% cloud based. High speed, scalability and flexibility to adapt to your business needs.

Best API-based Customer Journey

100% digital API platform, further enhancing an excellent customer experience. Flexibility to connect to any platform, regardless of being an application, website, whitelabel or Backend systems.

100% cloud based AWS

High availability, secure, easy to scale and increase production capacity according to the growth of your business.

FAQ 88i


What types and categories of Mobility companies does 88i cover?
We are focused on creating protection solutions for all customers of all types of Digital Mobility Ecosystems, with special focus on Medium Distance companies (Taxi, PeopleVehiclelike Uber, Car-Halling, CarSharing, Bus, Vans and Metro), and Long Distance (Shared Travel, Car Rental, Chartered Buses and Trains).

Our protection solutions become a differentiating factor in the growth, customer retention and monetization of your platform.

What are the main needs of Mobility companies?
Your Mobility company is focused on ensuring comfortable and safe transportation of your platform’s customers, aa well as ensuring the safety of your drivers throughout their journeys.

Through 88i’s Digital Protection Ecosystem, we create with your team, insurance solutions that are simple, intuitive and digital, that speak the language of your mobility company, driving strong engagement and loyalty of your deliverers and customers, increasing the flow of business on your platform.

What are 88i's main Mobility Protection solutions?

We have special solutions for your customers’ Digital Life, protecting their devices:

  • Mobile phone including financial protection of the digital wallet (Account and Cards)
  • Tablets
  • Notebooks
  • Headphones – Smart Headphones
  • Smartwatches
  • Video Game – PlayStation, Nintendo, Xbox

We also have solutions for the Protection of Life, Health and Well-being:

  • Personal Accident Insurance
  • Health Assistance by Tele-medicine

And finally the Financial Life:

  • Loss of Temporary Income due to Impediment to Work
  • Delivery – Protected Delivery (Unattended Cargo/Baggage in Applications)


Why 88i Digital Insurer?

Simple and intuitive, 100% digital customer journeys maximizing the customer experience across all touchpoints. Experience 100% integrated into your platform from the moment of price quote, purchase, life cycle management, claims notice, regulation and direct financial settlement in the digital account of your ecosystem.

Capability in developing new Protection products together and for your business with the fastest Time to Market on the market through the use of our API library.

Security, AWS Infrastructure 100% in the cloud. PCI Compliant. LGPD. Cyber Resilience. Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity.

Dashboards with information enabling real time tracking of your business performance.

Integration and leverage with your business data to reduce the price through more accurate pricing, parameterize the triggers that actuate insurance coverage, accelerating indemnities and payment of benefits and mitigating fraud.

Instant payments after delivery of documents and claim regulation, directly into the customer’s digital account in their environment.

Engagement programs to increase benefits for your customers.

Cashbackon claims reduction.

Priority and exclusive service.

Can I sell within my app?

Yes, we have the entire technological part ready for integration.

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